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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

In the dojo (i.e. within the aikido paradigm) the martial effectiveness of my aikido is critically important. If my partner attacks me with a full-intent/speed/power shomen uchi I want to be able to perform an effective ikkyo on that attack. It seems to me the only way to experience the full physical, mental and spiritual (if that means something to you) benefits of aikido.
Outside the dojo, as in 'Will this work on the street?', I would like my aikido to be martially effective. I don't know if it is, since I never tried. And I know my training is not aimed towards that goal, sine it consists only of aikido techniques against aikido attacks. So, outside the dojo the martial effectiveness of my aikido is not at all important.
Although it is an interesting question how much of the dojo-effectiveness will translate in street-effectiveness.
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