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Re: Re: My First Aikido Experience

Originally posted by Mares

I train in Iwama Ryu and we do roughly 5 techniques a class. This includes tai no henko, morote dori kokyu ho and suwari waza kokyu ho, plus we do one pinning and one throwing technique.

G'day Michael,

wow 5 techniques !! Think that's a bit too much for me to remember !!

Is there a way I can easily remeber the moves ? cos I constantly having them mixed up .....

About my sore thighs, I agree I should be having sore arms and shoulders but somehow I ended up having sore thighs ... maybe I have some problems with my lower body posture ? Or I bent my knees too much ? hmmm something I have to ask my sensei next time ...



p.s. do you guys do weight trainig as well as aikido ? *weight training I don't mean body building, just normal iron lifting*
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