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Re: My First Aikido Experience

Originally posted by colinlam
Hello All,

I would like to share some of my experience after I have attended my first 3 aikido lessons.

First, I never know you can do so much to someone's wrist! But to me I think the lessons are a bit too quick on progress. I've learnt at least 3 techniques in one lesson. Maybe I'm still too used to my old judo lessons which we just practiced one throwing technique in 2 hours straight!

Maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I want to perform my technique nice and smooth and (near) perfect. I mean I just want to practice one move until I can say I can do it off my heart and feel comfortable with it.

Oh also I've had my 1st bokken training too, that killed my thighs .

I would like to ask everyone for your point of view. Do you think the classes are going too fast on progress or just right?



p.s. oh one more thing, I cannot really tell which technique is which in Japanese cos we learn them by their names in Kanji with Chinese pronunciation. *as you know kanji and chinese characters are pretty similar*
Congratulations you've made it through 3 classes. As my Sensei says the first 10 classes are generally the hardest. The best thing you can do for yourself is just keep turning up and don't be critical of yourself.

I train in Iwama Ryu and we do roughly 5 techniques a class. This includes tai no henko, morote dori kokyu ho and suwari waza kokyu ho, plus we do one pinning and one throwing technique.

This is generally done to guard against repetitiveness and boredom especially at the lower kyu ranks. After about 10 - 15 mins of doing the same techniques most lower kyu ranks tend to hit the auto pilot and lose interest. That is why we mix it up.

As far as your boken is concerned I'm not sure why u have sore thighs. Most beginners get sore shoulders and arms.

It sounds like u are having fun, just stick at it and it will eventually come.
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