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Re: Cross-Training/Mixed-Discipline Fighting

As far as I understand it "Martial arts are like paths to a mountain's summit, different paths (schools) all aproaching the same goal (the summit)." To go from one style to another is not so much an advancement but a lateral movement, slowing your ascent. The ability to mix different martial arts into one school can only be done by a true master of each art, and it takes a lifetime.
O' Sensei accomlished this.

The trend of mixed martial arts today seems to me to be patchworked. Many times I have been excited to see a sign for Aikido, only to be upset by the following words such as Kempo, Kunfu, Tai Chi for seniors, or any such amalgam. These schools are taking the long way to the top. If competition is included then they will have forgotten many things rom Budo: multiple ttackers, masakastu agatsu, etc.....
"Underground fighting" or illegal fighting is probably as old as gambling and civilization. In my opinion these people are not martial artists, but gladiators with rules. As far as bringing them "over-ground" that is a matter for law makers. But I would imagine that they would compare it to legitamizing the "black market".
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