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I'm very impressed with the calm your wife demonstrated in this story. I used to train in Shotokan Karate (I still do, but only irrugularly) for about 5 years, and in the course of my training, a lot of emphasis was given to the destructive power that a correctly-executed technique could generate. I found that I was more self-confident after my training, but also that I was more confrontational. I have now been studying Iwama-ryu Aikido for about two years under a very relaxed Sensei in a fun, respectful Dojo. I have found that, as both O-Sensei and my own Sensei have said, Aikido is not there to teach us to fight, but to teach us to be harmonious. My Sensei illustrated this point with a story about a confrontation with a drunk man and his friends. My Sensei and his own instructor were sitting in a restaurant when they were getting heckled by a drunk. My Sensei asked the guy to leave them alone to enjoy their meal, and the guy pulled a knife. Although he was not close enough to strike, my Sensei was sat down, and thus could not rise quickly. He told me that instead of trying to rise and fight, he simply began to chat to the guy, who eventually sat down with them and shared a meal and drinks. I asked Sensei whether hew was merely trying to lure the guy in close and then pow! He just looked at me and sighed. That verbal response in itself was more effective than a yokomenuchi to the head.
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