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Re: HOW does aikido change us?

Everything we come into contact with 'changes' us in some way. I just drank a cup of coffee so my metabolism has changed. I had a good day at work, feel good about it, so my state has changed since this morning. I'm a few hours older than when I last posted, so I have changed.

My point is that there's nothing intrinsic within aikido that necessarily leads to any kind of personal development (which I'm assuming is the 'change' under discussion here). It may be a framework to explore that if you have a mindset oriented that way and explicitly seek that in your training. All good!

But, imho, there's nothing in the corpus of aikido training that can cause that unless you create it from your own model of the world.

eg. What is there, specifically, that's transformational and leads to personal growth in, say, repeatedly practising shihonage or ikkyo? What elements lie within those particular movements that "cause" a transformation?

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