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Originally posted by mj

Once again you have amazed me Peter!
(Rhetorically) This is true???
Here are a couple of pointers. If you look at the texts allegedly written by the Founder, there are no names for any of the techniques. In "Budo Renshu", produced in 1933, the techniques are all numbered and the same is true of "Budo", produced in 1938. John Stevens' English translation gives 50 numbered techniques. The fact that in neither case was the text actually written by the Founder is not relevant here.

If you look at "Aikido", the Japanese original of the work with the same title written by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, which was written in the 1960s and reprinted recently, certain names are used, but 'omote' and 'ura', for example, are identified with 'irimi' and 'tenkan'. I have it on the authority of Masatake Fujita, of the Aikikai Hombu, that O Sensei did not use these names himself.

It was Hiroshi Tada, 9th dan, who explained to me that the deshi students like himself hit upon the present names for the techniques as a way of remembering them.

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