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Cross-Training/Mixed-Discipline Fighting

Cross-Training/Mixed-Deispine (Underground) Fighting: Good or Bad?

Lately, the trend of mixed martial art fighting is appealing to a lot of menfolk (and womenfolk) the world over, giving birth to the trend of UNDERGROUND fighting.

As an academic project, me and some fellow college students here in the Philippines decided to make a feature article on this trend by observing its practice by some fellow Aikidokas - in the dojo itself (after sessions, of course).

I wanted to start this thread to pulse out from more experienced students and senseis their thoughts on this trend, and their opinion on whether this trend is better off "over-ground" rather than underground, or if it has character-building qualities that outweigh its negative qualities. Also, I wish to hear all other thoughts on this issue.

Thank you for your time.
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