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[quote]Originally posted by MJO
[i]Originally posted by Fudo_Tai

"Even change ups have intent.

A curve ball is fully a curve ball.

Aikidoka should still intend to hit the target."

Hello David,
I agree with you. As I had explained, a fake, but committed/intentional attack could be possibly used as a "change-up" to give the experienced tori/nage the ability to create waza from that type of attack. Just an "hypothetical" attempt, I guess. Personally, I would rather stick to committed attacks.

I would also feel the same frustration as you if my training partners gave only non-committed attacks. However, these type of attacks have made me aware of my own role as uke. This way, I can work towards correcting myself and provide some feedback if my partner continues to attack without intention. (or perhaps casually mentioning it to a senior or your instructor) The ukes may not even be aware of their lack of intention...

Either way, I still feel communication and positive feedback can help with those who deliver non-committed attacks.

Communication is what it is all about. When you bow to your dancing/Aikido/Whatever partner, you cannot expect to not communicate.

If your partner is not fully dancing, then bring your dancing down several notches so your partner notices.


D. C. Chapman,
The Spokane Budo Circle.
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