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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe


that fact that god is beyond our comprehension what exactly what Causanus and his ilk were trying to address.

He suggested a form of intuitive knowledge going beyond rational comprehension.

Describing negative theology tends to backfire, as people often react badly to the attempt to use negation to create infinite terms.
Yes, negation would remove the finite elements of other such characteristics.
Interestingly enough, this method of description would only be applicable when discussing the nature of god, as everything else that is not-god is, by definition, finite.

(Just to keep us confused Cusa differentiated between two different types of infinity: One being the infinity of a string of numbers, the other being the infinity of the unbroken line, for example. Thinking about it makes my brain hurt.)

There's an article about Cusa in the catholic encyclopedia:
Nicolas of Cusa

Unfortunately most of the really informative information about him is in German.
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