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Re: Poll: How important is facing your own meekness in improving your aikido?

One of my teachers, in trying to get me ready for my upcoming test, has taken to watching how I carry myself. If he sees tension, say in my arms, he´ll seize the tense part and push me backwards using the tension as leverage. ´Something´s not right.´ If he sees limpness, he´ll seize the limp part and fold it up. ´Nope, not right either.´ Somewhere in between is where I´m supposed to be, but it seems very elusive right now.

I think that if you are standing in an (overly) meek place, ´where you´re supposed to be´ can look like aggression; and if you´re standing in an overly aggressive place, ´where you´re supposed to be´ can look like meekness. Probably it´s neither, but like ki extension, some third thing which is more difficult to describe.

Mary Kaye
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