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As far as I can see, 'waza' does not have the meaning of 'form'. It is an action or movement having a certain form.

There are two Chinese characters for waza:
技, and 業. The first charcter can also be read as GI and has the general meaning of skill, art or technique. The second character can also be read as GYO or GO and has the general meaning of trade, industry, and then, more specifically, work, act, performance, or even trick.

In the 5th edition of the Kojien, published by Iwanami Shoten, Page 2870, there are 9 meanings listed for the word 'waza', the 9th meaning referring specifically to budo:

武"ケ 相--oなどで、相手に仕掛ける一'閧フ型の"ョ作

Budo, sumo nado de, aite ni shikakeru ittei no kata no dosa.

In budo or sumo, an action / movement with a fixed form initiated with a partner.

The dictionary specifically states that the 技 character is used of budo and also of traditional Japanese arts, where it means 'way', 'method', 'technique', or 'skill'. For the other meanings the other 業 character is used.

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