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To KAMI: I agree with Walter. There is nothing in the UFC or PRIDE rules that would hinder an aikidoka.

Also, do you think that the aikido art is so WEAK that we couldn't stand up to a BJJ artist or a steroid pumping wrestler? O' Sensei didn't seem to have any problem against much larger opponents. Would O'Sensei have gotten his butt kicked at a UFC style "demonstration"?

And speaking of demonstrations, I've seen video of Aikido masters holding "open" demonstrations where they get non-aikido practioners to attack (or attempt to attack) them. Wouldn't the UFC be considered just another demonstration to an aikido master? I'm not trying to be facetious here, just curious why there is such a willingness to "prove the art." Such demonstrations where common in the martial arts 20-30 years ago.

Keep the comments coming guys. This thread is getting interesting.


Scott in Kansas
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