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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

Now I know why it states in the Bible (can't recall exactly where....) why we should avoid the philosophy of man.....

I have no desire to get involved with word games (I avoid Scrabble like the plague), but here goes.....

As for "God is good becomes god is not good. Not good does not mean bad but rather the removal of the finite limitation of the characteristic of goodness", wouldn't that also mean removing all finite limitations of all the associated characteristics? The Bible is careful to warn us that God is beyond our comprehension, and our finite words (and brains) are just not up to the effort of trying to encompass Him.

As for God asking where Adam and Eve had gone, this is more of a statement of moral dilemma for Adam and Eve. God was fully aware of the actions of Adam and Eve, but He (IMVHO) was giving them an opportunity to step up and say 'we goofed - sorry!'. Even when given the opportunity to come clean, they started fingerpointing - something that has not changed over time (I'm guilty of fingerpointing too, as are most of us). This particular portion of Genesis need to be read very carefully and in context, is it is easy to understand confusion over God's supposed sudden lack of the omnis at tis point......

just my humble opinion.....
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