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Re: Poll: How important is facing your own meekness in improving your aikido?

Meekness in my opinion is crucial in Aikido (and in life in general). I believe it would also be wrong to look at meekness as fear of action. A person able to withstand a direct attack (be it verbal or physical or any other kind) with peace of mind (shall we say innocently) is indeed a very strong person within.

But there is of course a line we have to make - when and where is that point from which we (try to) take the situation in our hands rather than tolerate someone's attack on our person?

I believe to find that line takes a lot of practice (both in Aikido and in life from experience).

I came across a quote a long time ago which illustrates perhaps the inner strenght of meekness I mentioned above: "No man ever caused more difficulty than ``Gentle Jesus, meek and mild´´" It is possible to understand meekness as a fountain of inner strenght that people always sense and at times even fear. So, it seems we're back to Ki, does it not?

Beatus Qui Venit In Nomine Domini!
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