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Re: Aikido and Safety

Ed Stansfield wrote:
If doing a technique that involves a throw, we invariably throw to the outside edge of the mat. We have virtually no collision injuries (sound of Ed hurriedly touching wooden desk top) as a result. Last year was the first BAB course I can remember where an instructor suggested anything similar. How hard can it be?
<rant mode> One of my pet peeves at the moment is how the instructor will cheerfully take up 8 - 12 mats during his demo with uke, then we all have to try to do the same technique in the same way in the space of 2 or 3 mats.. except for the people who want 6 mats and squeeze the rest of us safety conscious individuals into 1 mat or less </rant mode>

Ed Stansfield wrote:
For some techniques, if the partner attacks from one direction, the technique "naturally" sends them out at 90 degrees which can often be into the middle of the mat and the people practicing there. We would adjust the technique, the direction of throw; from my BAB experiences, alot of people wouldn't.
Agreed and likewise noted. Some people seem to think that the only important thing is that they get their training in, and they don't even see the rest of us. A form of Aikido Aspergers perhaps?

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