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Michael Fooks wrote:
It seems pretty clear that yokomen uchi is actually different things in different schools. At the end of the day it's not a biggie - do whatever the sensei in front of you is telling you to do.
I agree that it's important to do whatever the sensei in front of you is telling you to do. However, I like to fit what I am learning with what I have been taught, rather than overwriting my past experiences.

My first sensei had invited a good friend to conduct our classes for a few days. The guest was a very powerful lady who started Aikido in her 30s and is now a 6th dan. At the end of the classes, the guest graciously said that if we had written her teachings on a piece of paper, we should crumple that paper and throw it away (I think she was afraid that we would confuse her teaching with my own sensei's teaching). My sensei replied by saying that we should remember her teaching. He suggested that we turn the paper over to record his own teaching

I think I'm going to need paper with multiple sides though
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