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Re: Groundwork

Originally posted by Jim ashby
Aikidoka not capable of groundwork! Does the term suwari waza ring a bell?
Jim, aikidoka are NOT capable of groundwork.
Of course, neither are boxers, kick boxers etc. It doesn't detract from their ability, but it certainly means that they will NOT win a fight on the ground against a groundwork fighter.
However, suwari-waza will give aikidoka an advantage on the ground against an opponent who does not know groundwork.
I would like to add that I agree with the fact that arts come and go. Arts, lately, seem designed to beat the last art that was the fad.
See where you are weak, strengthen, move on.
Personally I think aikido is for people who have decided not to fight. For whatever reason.
Groundwork is not very aiki, until you can do it.
Then it IS aiki. But you still have to learn it to do it. Get ready for pain and exhaustion if you do...

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