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Dirk Hanss
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"Ja, der Weg die Harmonie ist gut!"

I found this in the signature of Budd Yuhasz

Budd, as I do not know how good is your German, I ask in English:

This sounds like a grammatical mistake, but in German language sometimes you just have to look at it from another side to understand, esp. in poetry.

Can you tell us, where you've got it from, and what you think it should mean.

My guess - still assuming a mistake, probably some nuclear radiation changed some atoms :
"Ja, der Weg der Harmonie ist gut", "Yes, the way of harmony is good"

"Ja, der Weg (DO, ) der Harmonie (AI, ) ist voller Energie (KI, )", "Yes, the way of harmony has plenty of energy"

In Germany I did not hear much about Harrisburg, PA, but I did still recall the accident on Three Miles Island (1979).

Ciao Dirk
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