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Re: 14 jo kata

Peter, I am not entirely sure if we are talking about the same thing or not but probably we are. Probably it is the 6 kata, not 7 - yes thinking about it, it is. It's been a while, and I never was particularly focussed on the weapons practise...

I have seen - and done - the mirroring partner practise too, but I am talking about a separate form for the other partner, done either with jo or with bokken - if with bokken it is slightly different, of course. I am not surprised you don't have this in the Iwama line, I have it from the Kobayashi line of Aikikai so this counter-form could very well be an invention of either Kobayashi sensei or Igarashi sensei. My point of bringing it up was exactly this; different forms exist in different lines of aikido.

If you want to see the counter form to the 6-kata you can ask someone from Iyasaka aikidoklubb to show you. It is not included in their grading curriculum, but they do it every now and then. Åke Bengtsson, among others, likes teaching it.

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