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Re: 14 jo kata

Eric Kow wrote:
So, i finally got around to asking about the 31 jo kata at my dojo, and found that there also exists a 14 jo kata (!)
I have heard of several unusual jo kata being transferred in different lines of aikido. I have encountered the 7 kata, which basically is the first seven movements of the 31 kata, and then there is another form that goes with it so you can do paired practise - I think it was called the 9 kata but I am not sure. There is also a bokken version of this "counter kata" - that one is fun paired practise!

If your dojos 14 kata is not a differently counted version of the 13 kata, then I think it will be very difficult to find any info on it outside your dojo. If you want small kata since the 31 kata is too big a chunk, why don't you choose a part of it to start with? There is plenty of info on the 31 kata on the net and in books, which is a good help in memorizing. The fine details should be picked from your dojo though, since details differ.
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