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Re: Aikido and Safety

Another problem arises from the attitude 'technique at all costs'. When people disregard anything and anyone for the sake of fully executed throw. A high ranking student has been thrown out of the school for failing to recognise the dangers of his attitude.

Safety, as I see it, is a double-edged sword. BOTH, nage and uke, must be switched fully on for the training to be safe (and effective for that matter). So many times I would abort the throw if I saw that there isn't enough room for my uke to land. So many times the technique had to be adjusted (e.g. from koshi-nage to kokkyu-nage) if I felt mu uke was hesitant to receive it. So many times I suggested to my nage not to throw if I see that someone else has just landed on 'my' patch of the mat...
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