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Originally posted by Chuck Clark
Brian, I agree that in the beginning stages of training the attack must fit the uke's ability to deal with it. As the skill improves so does the level of speed and power.

However, there are lots of aikidoka that I've seen that have very little to no real intent behind their attacks. Often, attacks are delivered with the intent that an aikido technique needs a "handle" to grab onto, etc.

There's a difference between delivering a committed attack with real intent that is slow and has reduced power for beginners and one of these "fake" attacks. The intent must be there for the proper lessons to be learned.

That is what I'm talking about! Intent! Not really speed, nor power, but intent!

I have not seen these 'fake' techniques in just beginners either, I've seen it in a whole range of different levels, from beginner, to the person teaching the class.

To me, it is okay to go slow, and soft, because one must slow down in order to see what they are doing more clearly... However, there is a huge difference between slowing down, and still trying to punch, and just giving your partner a handle to grab.

The latter really offers no real training.


D. C. Chapman,
The Spokane Budo Circle.
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