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Cool Re: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Env

Hmmmm. Seems like a basic treatise of "MAN vs NATURE" as opposed to "MAN with NATURE."

Here's my take on it: Cities, the destruction of the wilderness, etc. are all a survival response to population pressures. We keep breeding, and do not die off as fast as we reproduce. Solve that equation, and you can turn back the clock and return to your "slow" world. However, you cannot solve it in a "humane" way, even if the solution is "natural;" you have to eliminate 95% (or more) of the current world's population to return to the Eden-like state you ascribe to.

Remember: slow = dead, if speed is your best defense against predators. I'd rather live fast, and adapt to a changing world, even if we are responsible for those changes.

A little danger is a knowledge thing...

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