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Re: Yokomenuchi

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
Just out of interest, I have also noticed differences in the initial hand position for yokomenuchi. Some people start like shomenuchi, with the hand brought to the forehead. Others start with the raised hand to the side of the head (which feels easier, but one has to be careful that the swing isn't too wide). I'm also curious as to what people think about this
I think this also depends on the basic kamae one starts from/how one strikes.
I was originally taught to model yokomenuchi as if w/ bokken: so the footwork is entering off line, and the hand is sraight rise up the centerline as if for shomenuchi, with the "arc" on the downward cut being driven more from the offline turning hip than from a "baseball bat" swing of the arm.
Some places arms-out-to-the-side seems more the norm and it is irksome; sometimes I want to bop uke on the nose :-)

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