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Ron Tisdale
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Re: yet another annoying cross training q

Hi Charles,

That is just another desire for some sort of 'shortcut'.
Thanks for providing some context for Mark's statement. The problem is that the context doesn't really elucidate his comment much. No matter how much experience someone has, he still would not be capable of assigning motivations to someone else based upon the query I saw...especially not in such an apparently negative manner.

I know people who at one point didn't appreciate me going out of my way to go to seminars in other styles. They referred to me as a 'technique junkie'. Thankfully I ignored their rude assumptions, and continued to try to look deeper, to 'look under the hood' as it were, both in aikido and in other budo. I believe it has paid some significant dividends, though it has been at a cost.

Everything in life has a cost. Individuals must figure out how much they are willing to pay for any particular good, service or ideal. Personally, I think if Mark had provided more context himself, and less of a one liner, he might have not only been received better, he might have influenced the original poster more.


Ron Tisdale
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