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Re: Aikido and Safety

Ed Stansfield wrote:
How much of a priority should safety be in the practice of Aikido?
That depends upon whether your students have to go out to work or school the next day..

Ed Stansfield wrote:
What should the concept of safety include as far as Aikido practice is concerned?
Respect for the fact that the other person is lending you his body to practice with, and that he needs it to go to work with the next day so he can feed his family.

Ed Stansfield wrote:
How much should it affect the way in which techniques are practiced?
All the techniques are potential limb-crackers. In Aikido we do them in such a way that our partner can take ukemi to live to fight another day. Ukemi is recovery, not escape. (Must have heard that 1000 times at Summer School!)

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