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Re: Yokomenuchi

Charles Hill wrote:
Seki Shihan, at the Aikikai Honbu, insists that uke does not step off the line. He actually goes around the room and physically corrects every person. In other classes, teachers taught differently. So I had to learn how to attack one way in one class and another in another class.

Yes, i have been taught the "same" technique differently too. I think it depends on what one is looking at. Certainly one doesn't want to walk into a punch. To avoid being hit, I think we must move off the line of our attacker's attack. To attack our opponant, the more direct we are, the more our central force gets into the picture. I generally practice that a yokomenuchi starts out looking like shomenuchi, but at the last minute there's a slight pivoting of the hips. It's as if at the moment of actual attack, depending on what presents itself to be attacked, our motion can change, even though on the mat we're often practicing something very specific.

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