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Re: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Env

Balance is the key. Science doesn't destroy nature. People who misunderstand (don't think ENOUGH about) the world around them do. Science, being a human mode of contemplating the world around them, is a process of trial and error (ie-is imperfect). Yes, it's good to keep the mind calm so it can focus, but it's also good to strive to understand nature so we can evolve into better beings. Science created agriculture. Contemplation is a very useful way toward insight. Insight is an improved understanding which can then lead toward a better way of life. This is what science is. Feeling and thinking go hand in hand. One without the other is either blind or ruthless. If you destroy science you destroy the ability to garner power. And while greater power requires greater responsibility, it also allows the otherwise meak to live and love better lives. To ignore this is to ignore virtue, just as to ignore feeling is to ignore humanity itself. The two halves of the brain, each of which represent science and feeling, operate like two eyes, providing a better picture of reality. Without both you're left with a meager ability at recognizing its depth.
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