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Paradox: God cannot not believe

Mark, your post got me to thinking:

"For what it's worth, I heard that an atheist is someone that G-d does not believe in, not the other way around."

Rather than clutter the Aikido & Spirituality thread with my off topic inspirations I though it better to start a thread here instead.

A paradox that just popped into my mind, reading your post:

Theology defines the christian god as omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenificent. (and omnipresent)

Belief is defined as the "conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence."

However, omniscience effectively precludes belief as absolute knowledge eliminates the possibility of an opinion or conviction. This is part of the foundation for the absolute nature of the word of god.

On the other hand, being omnipotent, god cannot be incapable of belief.


In addition belief in god is the short form for the belief in the existence of god. God however, cannot refuse to believe that I exist. God is omniscient and knows damn well whether or not I am. God is also definitely up to speed on whether or not we are on speaking terms at the moment.

Semantics. Which goes a long way towards supporting the position of negative theology (see Nikolaus von Kues / Cusanus) which asserts that language as used by finite beings is incapable of expressing the infinite. The limits of finite language are transcended by negating a specific characteristic:

God is good becomes god is not good. Not good does not mean bad but rather the removal of the finite limitation of the characteristic of goodness. Really interesting.
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