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NHB Fighting and Aikido

Everytime I watch one of those No Holds Barred Fighting Tournaments (UFC, Pride, Extreme Fighting) I always wonder how a seasoned aikido practitioner would do. A skilled aikido practioner should be able to defend against type of attack reasonable well and a master should be able to fend of even skilled attackers quite easily. So why haven't we seen one?

I know that as aikido practitioners we use our art for self-defense so seeking a fight is kind of against our creed, but I get frustrated when I see all these mixed martial artists claiming their fighting system is supreme and that the traditional arts are outdated and ineffective. Most of these fighters aren't even martial artists but wrestlers with a few months of boxing training. Are they more effective than an aikido practioner with years/decades of training under his belt?

Anybody got an opinion on this?

Scott in Kansas
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