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Re: Aikido survivors (Voices of Experience)

Well, having only been training in aikido for four years, I don't know much about this topic from a personal perspective. However, there is a member of my dojo who is about 75 years old, and did not begin training in aikido until he was around 56. He has had two (recent) knee replacements and (recent) shoulder surgery (and he can still do front and back rolls). He still teaches his beginner's class and an intermediate class, and is one of the most respected teachers in the dojo. His physical abilities may not be what they once were, but I think he is by any measure an example of dedication and commitment to aikido. The best part is that when I was a brand-new, wide-eyed beginner in my fresh white dogi, he actually told me that he knew the secret to aikido, and would tell it to me. When I asked him to go on, he said simply, "keep showing up." (True story)
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