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Brian Vickery
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Re: Aikido's Strikes.

Originally posted by Fudo_Tai
I've noticed alot of good things about Aikido training, however, one thing that is sorely lacking is the proper way to strike.

If one does not put out the effort on even a strike, or proper posture, then they miss this entire process of mindfulness training! They miss the entire process of learning!

Thoughts anyone??

Hello Dave,

I agree that the standard shomenuchi/yokomenuchi/munetsuki are not what I'd consider 'true' strikes. But they are great training aids! It would be virtually impossilbe for someone to learn all the various techniques of aikido, if from day one of your training, you had someone trying to take your head off. Once the student can execute the techniques properly, then speed & strength are added to the strikes. Eventually the strikes become random, from any angle, looking more like true attack strikes, with the advanced student easily handling the attacks.

Well, at least that's how it progresses in the dojo where I train!


Brian Vickery

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