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Aikido's Strikes.

I've noticed alot of good things about Aikido training, however, one thing that is sorely lacking is the proper way to strike.

To me, this shows a lack of sincerety on the part of Uke, because Uke is not giving their partner the best training they can give - in a sense, they are cheating their partner out of a good practice.

It has always been my philosophy, if you're going to train, you better train to your fullest, and give your partner, your Dojo, and your teacher, your all - otherwise you are just doing glorified aerobics.

You completely miss the self-defense aspect, and thus, all the other great aspects of the chosen art are also thrown out the window too...
If you do not care about one set of techniques, then you probably do not care about any of them - thus, you do not care about the path you have chosen, nor what your teacher is teaching you.

Martial Practice is about observing the self's reaction processes in the most extreme situations - mainly because these situations bring out the truth about yourself, right to the surface, where you cannot deny it.

Further observation of these things helps to enable one to mold them into calm responses.

If one does not put out the effort on even a strike, or proper posture, then they miss this entire process of mindfulness training! They miss the entire process of learning!

Thoughts anyone??


D. C. Chapman,
The Spokane Budo Circle.
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