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Re: Steven Seagal a true Aikidoka?

Blake Newman wrote:
Give me a break. There's more to that story, I'm sure of it. Although lengthy, your post is very vague in the facts surrounding Take Sensei and his direct students and how they are bad people. Dangerous men? My Sensei, who is in fact a direct student of Take Sensei is a very very good person and family man. I said it in another post, it's just not right to pass judgement on people you don't even know or probably will never know........
And yes, it's a great style of Aikido and very effective. I've studied several martial arts and finally found my home at TenShin Dojo Orlando. Our Dojo is open to anyone, please stop by sometime and see for yourself how we do things.

I assume you train at Louis Santos Dojo? I just viewed his website, of particular mention, the video clips. I have to say that I was thoroughly unimpressed. The 3 man randori was heavily edited and the espn demo was highyl choreographed (sp?). Also, he seem to have kotegaeishi down well and not much more. In addition, the uke that are wearing hakama in the clips, well, I have had 6th and 5th kyu to attack me better.

Again, I am solely basing my opinion only on what I have seen. I could be wrong. On the merit of what I have viewed, I would not likely train in that aikido IMHO. Again, I am not putting the dojo down or being offensive, this is my constructive take on the thing itself and not to be taken negatively.
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