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Creation of a permanent and public Aikido Museum

Christopher Li wrote:
Sure it does. That is, my point was that there's nothing wrong with a company (public or private) operating for profit, and if I don't like their approach to business then I'm free to start up my own organization (public, private, or non-profit) and compete in the marketplace like everybody else.
Chris, I know I am not the first one to tell you this, but there is no competition in O-Sensei's Aikido... knowing that, I am not the least bit interested in competing with anyone, nor in others competing, nor promoting competition at all. For me that would defeat the promise of and what is available through Aikido. That very fact is what motivated me to begin this inquiry in the first place.

What this is about is the best way to preserve and make these limited and precious commodities available to the Aikido community as a whole, along with who should be, or how best to select a caretaker for these things. I believe that if there was an independent, unbiased group (unfortunately, due to their own potential conflict of interest, one outside of the Aikikai) that there would be motivation for people to come out of the woodwork and donate their materials to create a living legacy accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they could afford it or not.

Since you obviously have a problem with me I will take myself out of the discussion of the issue and ask "Do you see a problem with the idea of creating a permanent, publicly accessible and publicly controlled repository whose directorship is charged with establishing an unbiased center for the benefit of the Aikido community of today and future generations? If you do have a problem with it, please state what it is, and if so, to also take the time to state what your ideas are and how they are both an improvement on mine and the current situation that forces this conversation to come up in the first place.
Christopher Li wrote:
Well, videos weren't around at the time, but he (or his son) certainly gave permission for certain materials to be sold for profit while he was alive, so I guess that the answer would be "yes". Are you implying that Aikido Journal is stealing copyrighted material?
Chris, I think it pretty clear by now that I don't mince words. I am clear and straight to the point, although I do sometimes soften my words in an attempt not to offend. If I wanted to imply stealing, I would have said stealing, cut and dry, as I did with those responsible for stealing my copyrighted logo. Of course, I was banned for asking on Aikido Journal if that was okay with others in the Aikido community, but that is only a peripheral issue, and not the main thrust of this thread.

As for your implication, I can't possibly know who gave permission, nor the reasons why permission was given, nor the circumstances under which it was given, nor the monetary arrangements, if any between the parties. I am very interested in knowing these things, but alas, try asking and see where you get. If you do get anywhere, please let us know. If you believe, as do I, that you wouldn't get very far, then at least step up and give us that much by reporting this back to the thread.

I am trying to encourage an emotionally free discussion of how best to serve the future of the Aikido community. If you would like to talk about that, I encourage you to keep posting. If you are merely interested in posting "implications" in the form of questions rather than discuss the need for, or the benefit of an Aikido Museum (for lack of a better name), then I kindly request you refrain from stoking the emotional fires, so to speak. Of course, you could do both, and even be a bit sarcastic and that would be fine by me, but to do the former without the latter is just not appropriate given the seriousness of the subject matter.

In any case your participation has moved the thread forward, for which I do offer my sincere thanks.

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