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Re: Predictable decline in detectable reality (i.e. when manipulated truth becomes fact)

Shaun Ravens wrote:
In any case these are just my thoughts, opinions and ideas on the matter. Mashu since you asked the question what are your thoughts on the matter?

Well, as I said before it is hard for me to tell how important any on-line organization really is. I have seen many times that information on sites like Aikido Journal, Aikido FAQ, and others are used as references to support the arguments of people who put forth their views on Aikido. For those people and those that read their opinions the information on those sites are probably where their inquiry stops. So in theory those sites that put out info on Aikido and it's particulars could have a great impact like you said.

In reading other types of history I often see that erroneous things develop a life of their own and thrive for a long time. This further disconnects people from being able to understand what happened and why things are why they are. So I do appreciate why you would like to see various organizations open their archives so everyone can have the opportunity to correct their misinterpretations and fill in whatever areas are blank for them. Maybe this would save Aikido from being like a dead religion with empty rituals, lost practices, and passive believers.

As far as certain people giving over the materials that they have taken the time and expense to accumulate to some sort of open not-for-profit organization I don't know that that is all that fair or useful. In order to try to better understand certain things I have had to search out certain materials that are no longer available and pay for them as well as travel to get them in some cases. I appreciate these things quite a bit more than some material I can just buy at a store or get from the library. The searching itself was a good thing. Throwing things like that out for free to the public might rob them of certain experiences. It's not like there are hordes of Aikido people surrounding the Aikikai foundation HQ or Aikido Journal's offices with torches trying to force their way through barricades to get at those materials anyway.

If people are withholding things in their private collections and are distorting the facts then others should openly challenge them. With the technology available today it's pretty easy to do. If you build enough pressure they will have to do something and they will either have to reveal their source material or run away.

Somethings to think about anyway. Thanks.
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