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Re: yet another annoying cross training q

Mark Uttech wrote:
Don't bother cross training. That is just another desire for some sort of 'shortcut'. There are no shortcuts.

Hate to break your heart, but aikido doesnt cover everything. Some people want to further their knowledge, not take a short cut to being able to beat up someone. Of course there are ppl like that but what give u that idea about Peter.

Cross training to me is great. There are other great styles out there. Aikido is awesoem, no doubt , but that doesnt mean its better than everything else. I've always wanted to do Judo, just because its so competetive, and im a very competetive person.

Im sure you know whats best for you Peter. Dont listen to ppl like mark. Chances are they havent looked in to other styles to see what they are all about , they are just stuck in their ways.

Good luck
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