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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Two separate issues. Your first comment you obviously find sillya and not realistic. It also does not relate to the specifics of the thread.
Sure it does. That is, my point was that there's nothing wrong with a company (public or private) operating for profit, and if I don't like their approach to business then I'm free to start up my own organization (public, private, or non-profit) and compete in the marketplace like everybody else.

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Of course anyone should be able to "sell themselves" towards whatever gain or goal that they see fit. But this is not really what is going on, is it? After all, the Founder didn't exactly give his permission for anyone to sell 29 minute videos of himself for $49.95, did he? WELL DID HE?
Well, videos weren't around at the time, but he (or his son) certainly gave permission for certain materials to be sold for profit while he was alive, so I guess that the answer would be "yes". Are you implying that Aikido Journal is stealing copyrighted material?



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