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Re: Aikido Journal

You guys have to know that Stan Pranin has a family to support, and Aikido is his livelihood. He has dedicated himself for many years accumulating material on Aikido that would be long dead without him. Much of it he gives away for free in the archives and in the day to day operation of the website (the maintenance of which, in and of itself, costs good money), but he does have to sell some DVD's once in a while to pay the bills. And you must admit, there is no better quality material to be found anywhere. His website is one of the primary hangouts of Aikido people, who don't represent an enormous market in the first place. Where else would you expect Stan to market his products? He is as class an act as you're likely to find, and I think some of us need to reassess his contribution to our art, and cut the guy some slack.

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