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Re: yet another annoying cross training q just read his mind over the internet?? Neat trick!

Pehaps I should soften my sarcasm by illucidating my own motivations for what cross-training I do.

I found myself not really getting my main style of aikido. There was something missing in my approach to the art, and I wasn't sure how to fix it. "train more/harder/different teacher" didn't seem to be the issue. Along with that, I was getting older, and rougher just wasn't an answer.

On top of that my knees have been becoming increasingly problematic. I had to find ways to train to get better at training...and change the mode I had been in for some years.

On top of that, I was in the midst of a dojo change.

It was more than my earlier motivation to seek out the historical roots of aikido (Daito ryu) even though I find that an acceptable reason for cross-training in and of itself. I really needed (and need) to focus on moving, holding, using my body differently. And it wasn't that I hadn't been told to do that, or wasn't trying. It just wasn't working very well. So I took some time to train with a mid to high ranking instructor in a much 'softer' style of aikido. It made a world of difference, and it jumped my ability in my regular style. Not a short cut...a way past what seemed to be an impasse.

I believe that other people might just have similar, or completely disimilar motives for cross training that have nothing to do with 'short cuts'. To assume that 'short cuts' is all they want, seems rather derogatory to me.


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