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yet another annoying cross training q

So I'm getting a paycheck and a little free time soon and I've decided to pick up a second art. Due to location, time, etc., I've narrowed it down to two choices: Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and Judo (at the YMCA). Now, I will probably end up going to both classes at least once each to get a sense of how they are run, and will base most of my decision on that. But since yall are experts, I also wanted to throw it out to you folk.

I read all the old threads about Judo and Aikido, so I have a sense of how that works, ie Judo is more grappling, groundwork, and throwing, more useful when you are closer to your opponent, and more "real" or "rougher." I don't know much about Jujitsu though. It looks like its kinda similar, there are locks and groundwork, etc. Not sure about much more than that.

Any advice on which to take as a secondary martial art?
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