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While I think it fine that you chose to move these posts to a new thread, I have some objection to the name you gave it. Would you mind much changing it to Commercialism - Good or Bad for Aikido or something along that nature?

This is not an issue with one particular website, but the larger issue at hand, that being the apparent control of the archival materials by a group that is also putting out their own version of the history of Aikido. When a group can profit considerably by supporting one opinion versus another, it needs to be questioned. I find it more than problematic that certain martial organizations supported by "opinion" come out generating profits for those putting out the information. This represents a conflict of interest in my opinion.

Thank you.

PS - I do believe that post #5 in this thread should be moved back to the thread as it does not address this issue and speaks soley with regards to the Lightning Bolt Drink. If you agree, then perhaps it could be moved back into that thread...


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