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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Jun, I think the posts about AJ deserve a thread of their own. Would you object to moving them to a separate thread? I think there are some serious issues to discuss.

On that subject, I actually think the non-profit suggestion is a good one. And I want to make it clear that I have no issues with Stan and his staff making good salaries off of the valuable work that they do. But it would go a long way toward quelling some of the dissent out there.

Shaun, like Chris, I have spoken my mind pretty freely on that site. I've placed notices about seminars of people that Stan is pretty much diametricly opposed to on the site. With no problems what-so-ever. No one has asked me not to post. No one has even suggested that. When I've had complaints, I've posted them. I do however, try to be polite and respectfull of the valuable work they've done archiving, restoring and making available to us the rich legacy of aikido.

All of that material they have was mouldering in basements, attics, etc. until they saw the value of it and began to take care of it. The shihan were dying one by one, with no voice outside of very small circles until Stan made a point of interviewing them. I may not agree 100% with the viewpoints or the way the site was/is run...but man...we've gotta give credit where it is due. We all owe Stan a debt of gratitude. At least we have the information to argue over!


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