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Wink Re: Re: Lifting Uke --- not!

adriangan wrote:


Thanks! I'll try to make my center lower than that of my uke. But what if my uke is a lot smaller than me? If my center is higher than my uke's then I'd be trying to carry him/her.

- Adrian

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Vertically challenged uke certainly poses a different problem. Two options are to practice bending the knees more to get as low as possible and still maintain your own center (very hard exercise but rewards are great!) , and the other is to stretch uke further out over the end of your hip. Also remember, momentum is a plus here too. You should be able to do it static first! but after you get better and start to flow, the energy of the movement can be real helpful. Same thing you will always hear, practice, practice, practice! (and get the tape!)

Good luck!

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