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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Shaun Ravens wrote:
So if you don't support the party line over there, and you are not one of the silent, unquestioning devotees or their take on Aikido's history, then there simply isn't a place for ya, and that may include a large part of the Aikido Community they pretend to represent. I mean its martial arts man, not "A P.C. Forum - a.k.a. only for those who beat the drum of the AJ money maker..."</rant>
Stan Pranin's been around for a long time, and had a lot of lean years - even now I don't think that anyone would categorize him as "wealthy", in spite of owning the "AJ money maker".

I've certainly questioned various sections of their take on Aikido's history on the AJ boards - never had a problem though...

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Well, I for one would love to see Aikido Journal operate as a not-for-profit organization. It would make me feel better, as their books and board meeting minutes would be open to public scrutiny.
Hmm, I'd like Sony to operate as a not-for-profit organization, but I doubt that they'll listen to me . OTOH, there's nothing to stop you from starting up your own not-for-profit organization devoted to researching and publishing Aikido history.

Shaun Ravens wrote:
To me, the ownership of images and videos of O-Sensei, and quite a few other major Aikido personalities just seems "awkward," but hey that's just me - you may feel just the opposite!
So, you would prefer that someone (not yourself) lay out the money for producing and distributing the videos, but that you should be free to copy them as you please? If you feel that way than why aren't you producing and packaging Aikido images and videos out of your own pocket and distributing them under an open-source license?

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Just the choice to do it as a for-profit venture tells you something about the mindset of those who set it up, and for the negative-minded, I said mindset, not heart, soul, spirit or even intention. Again, if it weren't Aikido, and given that aikido is seeking a holistic approach to humanity, then I would have less issue with it, but once again, that's just me - you may feel just the opposite!
Morihei Ueshiba participated in quite a few for-profit ventures. Books and film distributed by the founder were sold for-profit while he was alive. In fact, he made a pretty good living off of Aikido. Good enough for kaiso, but not for anybody else?



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