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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Alan M. Rodriguez wrote:
Wow...Mr. Ravens is a communist! You do know, Mr. Raven...that many people also die from Communist regimes as well as Capitalist ones! As for Jesus...I wouldn't mind dying for His sake if I had to. However....Mr. Ravens...everything else you say (except for the Aikido Journal thing...I dunno what that's all about! lol!) I totally, 100% agree with! Right on! lol!
Hey, did you see my "secret Systema tatoo or find my top-secret communist decoder ring? I thought I had that well-hidden in my underwear drawer. So I ask you straight out, Mr. Rodriguez, "What were you doing in my underwear drawer?" and say to you, "Stay outta my drawers, for Pete's sake!"

As for Jesus, you best check your facts... I think the saying goes something like, "He died for you, you live for him..." I do believe the answer to the question, "What possible good would dying for him be?" is entirely another thread...

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