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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Well, it's a viewpoint I don't agree with, but some do feel that Aikido Journal operates too much as a business, and not just a source of information. I guess it's because of the product focus that the site has now, combined with how that product focus might seem to reflect and promote only specific views within the aikido community.
<rant>Yeah, well, without a doubt if this thread were over at AJ, it would be mysteriously deleted because questioning the mindset of the owners of the site is a big NO-NO - especially when it relates to anything close to one of their revenue streams! I privately questioned the thread pulling, and I was simply booted off the site by a rather rude, nerdy webmaster, (un hombre sans-juevos, from what I could gather). I don't want to embarrass myself or the owner of the site by posting my thoughts about the private email I received from him which basically said, "Yell, well that is the way it is around here!" followed up with a "I don't want to hear anything more from you..." So if you don't support the party line over there, and you are not one of the silent, unquestioning devotees or their take on Aikido's history, then there simply isn't a place for ya, and that may include a large part of the Aikido Community they pretend to represent. I mean its martial arts man, not "A P.C. Forum - a.k.a. only for those who beat the drum of the AJ money maker..."</rant>

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Personally, I am gratefull for the information they provide, I have enjoyed the products I've purchased, I think that hard work deserves a financial reward, and I know there were many years were Stan Pranin and others involved made peanuts. So if they get something back for all those years and all that effort it's fine by me. But that's just my own opinion...others may well feel differently.[/b]
Well, I for one would love to see Aikido Journal operate as a not-for-profit organization. It would make me feel better, as their books and board meeting minutes would be open to public scrutiny. It would go a long way towards silencing the many detractors out there who wonder what their hidden agenda is, and how that agenda has skewed the Aikido world that reads from its web-pages. And before anyone goes off saying, "They are fair and balanced..." Well, hey I say, "Even the fair and balanced guys are about as one-sided and have a particular agenda as one can get. It's like the difference between the NY Times and the NY Post, which forces one to ask oneself, "How can the same news be represented so differently unless the writer has a hidden agenda?"

To me, the ownership of images and videos of O-Sensei, and quite a few other major Aikido personalities just seems "awkward," but hey that's just me - you may feel just the opposite! There is nothing wrong with making money. Some directors of large non-profits make upwards of 300-400K/year, and that aint counting the many perks.

Just the choice to do it as a for-profit venture tells you something about the mindset of those who set it up, and for the negative-minded, I said mindset, not heart, soul, spirit or even intention. Again, if it weren't Aikido, and given that aikido is seeking a holistic approach to humanity, then I would have less issue with it, but once again, that's just me - you may feel just the opposite!

...but alas, I have hijacked the thread, so I will end my comments with regards to things other than ones about the lovely new taste of Lightning Bolt, a product that I am sure Seagal Sensei, or at least OJ, himself spent quite a bit of time developing while former pondered the wonders of Buddha and the latter searched for Nicole's killers!

... Did I actually post this? Oops...!

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