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Doh #1

Was training with an absolute beginner yesterday... doing sankyo.

She was lying there on her face, the hold was beautiful, I increased the pressure. Increased it some more. I was feeling good about myself. More pressure. I'm thinking "Man, she's flexible". More pressure. I'm thinking "Wow."

My instructor saw the look on her face, raced over and spoke to her in most urgent tones:
"You can tap out at any time!"

In a very strained voice she replied
"Oh, am I allowed to do that?"

Poor instructor couldn't help but laugh: She had big staring eyes like bulging dinner plates, about to pop out of her head, sweat beading on her forehead. But her body had remained wonderfully relaxed.

Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was funny.


Tonight I stood on uke's foot and performed irimi nage. Uke fall down and wimper.


Training with Sergei.

Sergei is a really nice, albiet, mad Russian, ex-military to learned combat sambo. He ist 1st Kyu. He elicits kiai's of pain from his ukes. His idea of ikkyo is to tear off the arm and bludgeon his ukes into submission with the wet end.

His idea of tekubi is to crush the wrist in a vice-like grip, and destroy the lower arm by digging his fingers mercilessly into the nerves and tendons.

I refuse to ever go near him as uke ever again. It took nearly two weeks for my forearms to stop hurting.
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