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Re: Lightning Bolt, Steven Seagal and Aikido

Shaun Ravens wrote:
That was exactly my point; it is his responsibility. However, sometimes it is those that surround celebrities (them's that try to eek a living out of their existence) that come up with these crackpot ideas, and often, in times where contractually they have to do what the marketing team comes up with. The person (these days, really just a product vehicle) might only have a small input on what the final product may look/smell/taste or be like.
Sure, but they chose to sign those contracts - and it's not as if it would be a first time thing for either of them.

Shaun Ravens wrote:
Of course, the only wares you can get from the Takeda or Ueshiba marketing team are peddled by the management team over at Aikido Journal, and if there is a hell they are going to hell because of it.
Well, Sokaku Takeda marketed himself very agressively while he was alive (although there wasn't much merchandising in that era). There was, of course, marketing and merchandising by Morihei Ueshiba as well, even continued today by the Ueshiba family (I don't think that there's anything wrong with that). No energy drinks, but the Aikido neckties at Aikikai Hombu are pretty cheesy .

Shaun Ravens wrote:
However, when it comes to the drink (or maybe the martial artist) I think you might get more good out of the Orange Juice, and certainly a lot less bad.
Orange juice is certainly healthier, my point was simply that the amount of sugar in and of itself wasn't out of the normal range for sweet drinks. Anyway, I'd rather save detailed nutritional breakdowns and discussions of which types of sugar are metabolized how for another thread .



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